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Parish Priest: Rev John Hewitson
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Treasurer: Lucy Bedford

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          Mannum – Mt Pleasant & Mt Torrens NOW part of the Murraylands Anglican Mission District
The Mannum Rectory

The Rectories


Mt Pleasant  

Side view
In 1913, on the 2nd of January, a meeting of the congregation decided to ask the Lord Bishop if, through Diocesan Funds, a house might be purchased to serve as a Parsonage. The need for a Rectory was becoming acute, because after Easter that year Mannum was constituted as the centre of a new Mission District and the Priest in Charge could not do his work effectively unless he was living in the town. The house that the January meeting had hoped to buy was never purchased, and it was not until 1922, during the energetic ministry of the Reverend Arthur Leslie Bulbeck that the present spacious Rectory was built on a site that had been obtained next to the church. This site —Allotment 12, County Sturt in the Hundred of Finniss—was transferred to the Synod from Messrs Friederich Eduad Schuetze, Charles Adward Abell, Phillip Ingerson, and Harold Warhurst, in whose names it had been purchased for the church. Captain John George Arnold laid the Foundation Stone of the Rectory on 14 October 1922. On completion, the Priest in Charge moved into the Rectory and set about laying out the gardens and rockeries. The Reverend A.L.Bulbeck was later made a Canon and Archdeacon, and was honoured with the O.B.S. for his work with the Boy Scout Movement. His successor, the Reverend John Leslie Bond (1925-1929), was the second priest to live in the Rectory, and the last, until Rev Peter Patterson arrived at the end of 1956. The Reverend J.L.Bond became an honorary Canon in 1956, and was made Archdeacon of Strathalbyn in 1957, in which capacity he had the archidiaconal oversight of St Andrews Church.

During those intervening years when Mannum was a Mission served from the Mount Pleasant Parish, the Rectory was let to various tenants. Upon the arrival of the Reverend Peter William Patterson the Rectory was completely renovated and painted inside and during 1960 extensive exterior repairs and painting restored the building to first class order.

Past Clergy

The Mannum Rectory has spent many of its years
as a rental property but has again been used
as intended as a home to the local priest.

John Thompson was appointed as part-time priest
to the Pastoral District of Mannum Mt Pleasant
in November 2014 for a three year period.

He was the first resident priest since Rev Allan Hall
who left in April 2002. However, in June 2016 John was moved to a full time position at Millicent - Penola after serving only nineteen months of the three year appointment, thus, leaving the rectory vacant once more.

As a small country Pastoral District, with the current Rectory at Mannum, the reality is that we will not , in the near future, be in a position to finance a full time priest. However, the opportunity exists for part time employment, to have a presence in the district as a valuable part of our ministry to the wider community and as a participating member church of the Inter Church Council.

During the 6 month vacancy before the appointment in January 2017 of John Hewitson parishioners at Mannum were well catered for with fortnightly visits from Rev Alex Stone,
Rev Adrian Stephens or Rev David Smith.

The Rectory has once again returned to a rental property.

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Side view of the closed in verandah of the rectory at Mt Pleasant at 5 Showgrounds Road. This was Mt Pleasant's second rectory, the first having been detroyed in the 1926 bushfires which also resulted in the loss of many of the early church records.

Archdeacon Bussell presided at the first meeting of the Rectory Building Committee in May 1926.   The Committee comprised wardens and delegates from Mount Pleasant, Mount Torrens and Springton. They worked with a commendable zeal to arrange for the provision of a new Rectory at the eastern end of the main street site which had been acquired in 1902,   The Foundation Stone was laid early in 1928, and the building was constructed by Rohrlach Brothers who had submitted a tender of 868.
Early in 1929 the building was completed and occupied. This effort of the parishioners in building the new parsonage was all the more remarkable because the stringencies of the Depression were beginning to befell.

The Depression was the cause of an extension in the cure of souls for the Rector of Mount Pleasant, because after 1929 when the industrial town of Mannum was seriously affected by the industrial recession, he undertook the oversight of that District from May 1930. The prevailing poverty naturally had a keen effect on finances in the Parish, and the Vestry in 1932, in spite of Archdeacon Bussell's warnings to the contrary, was constrained to take the improper step of curtailing Stipend by resolution.  

The customary appointment of a paid Verger was discontinued in this year, and since then the church has been ably cleaned and cared for inside by the women of the congregation.