Anglican Church of Australia
Diocese of The Murray
   in South Australia


                                                      Parish Priest: vacant

Secretary: Geoff Skein 8569 2385

Treasurer: Berrilyn Skein

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         Mannum Paddle Steamers Dragon Boat Club
Checking in

General Information

Chairman:  Steve Speake
                                 Mobile: 0455 299 994

Secretary: Deb Bates

Treasurers: Lois Quast and Heather Constable

Coach: vacant

In the development stage this club will operate under the umbrella of
Adelaide Survivors Abreast Dragon Boat Racing Club, an incorporated body.

Maiden's Voyage
A boat has been made available by Dragon Boats South Australia (DBSA) for use at Mannum.

Rev John Thompson, who has had experience with Dragon Boats in Adelaide, put his hand up when he found that Dragon Boats SA was willing to make craft available to country towns.

John picked the current boat up from Adelaide on Monday 11th January on a trailer loaned for the day by Dragon Boats SA. It is a training craft and a 'competition' boat will also become available at the end of March. A trolley has now been made to bring the boat out of the water.

There are over twenty interested participants, both young and old and female and male, most of whom have taken the 'fitness and enjoyment' angle rather than the 'competition' one. However, as Fr John has said, "there is room for both".

Currently, John Thompson is our only registered 'sweep' and the boat cannot be used without his supervision. However, once others come forward to train and register it will take the pressure off him and free up the use of the boat.

Great news
Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Mannum True Value Hardware
Dragon Boats SA

Picklemee Grandma

for participants

Initial Flier

Next meeting: to be advertised
Mannum Community Club

Normal meetings: 1st Tuesday of the month 7pm

Training Sessions or Try-Out

                           Suspended during winter period

Murray Street ramp

Monthly Club Dinner
Last Friday 6.30 Mannum Hotel

Page updated 3-August-2016

Dragon paddlers prepare

Minutes of Meetings

Tuesday 2nd Feb 2016
Tuesday 9th February 2016
Tuesday 23rd February 2016
Tuesday 1st March 2016
Tuesday 5th April 2016

Affiliation Fees Due 1st March
(See minutes 23rd Feb)